Ramblings #0644

8.12am – Damn. I’m so late again! Overslept. Urgh. Probably it ain’t a good decision to do work late, and thus slept late.

9.13am – And I thought what’s the big issue… Sigh… Made me had to multi-task yesterday while on the recce, and got to rush to work to find the error. Sigh…

9.30am – It’s going to be a real packed day.

10.14am – Am seeing more and more “tai chi” in my office. Well, what can I say… Depressing to receive an email such as that.

1.09pm – Oops. The red has come…

3.15pm – Great. I left my handphone back at home and now I felt so vulnerable. How did I ever live without a handphone previously? But at least I have a pager back then… using numbers as text. LOL… those were the fun days…

5.08pm – It’s just not my day. Really not mine. I’m so so so so so so so sick of this job at times. I wonder what’s the purpose of my position over here. Felt like a highly paid admin, the slaves of many when it’s not supposed to be the case, not even close.

5.22pm – Probably I should change my line and go into metaphysics.

5.56pm – It really feels quite nice to stay back a little and do some work in peace. I skipped the yoga again. Not in the mood to go, physically and mentally. Wondering if I should head for the TCM later on. But… probably I’ll wait for next week instead. *Sigh*

6.58pm – Evidence?? Goodness lord! Do you think I’m that free to give you and myself trouble when I don’t have the evidence? Do you think I’m too free?? Oh, okay, I think you think I’m really too free. Craps.

10.53pm – How to not get fat like that… having supper at least 4 nights in a week. Die.

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