Vegetables and fruits are equally as healthy for babies as for adults. It not only provides the vitamins and minerals, it also helps to reduce the chances of constipation of a baby.

Ever since my baby’s intake of the breast milk dropped, and then the increased of formula milk and solid food, the frequency of her having constipation for 3 days or more increases. Even so, the stool would be a little hard, which in turn causes her to bleed (friction against the wall of her anal canal), followed by her crying out loud.

So what are the fruits to be taken? Well, anything that’s not too acidic for younger babies, as it might have some allergic effects, otherwise, I think mostly should be alright, especially apples, papayas, bananas, grapes etc. And for vegetables, there’s carrots, spinach, broccoli, potato and lots more!

As for preparation of the the vegetables and fruits, just grind or mash it if your baby’s teeth haven’t grown out. I’ll try and get a list of tried recipes and post it here soon! Meanwhile, let them EAT MORE!

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