Ramblings #0646

8.23am – Alright, a good start. Make it out to work on my own before 8.30am. Not that early but it’s alright. It’s finally Friday, and I’m so looking forward to it. It’s been a damn hectic week, with blood pressure almost hitting the roof. Though a tad sleepy, life still goes on… and I’ll just have to hang in there for another 8 more hours. Phew.

8.50am – *LOL* Class 95 is still the best local radio that I LOVE! Here’s the cute conversation that they had (not the exact words) that brought some laughter to my tiring Friday morning:

Glen: 8% of the man use anti-aging products. You should start using them.
FD: I don’t think it would help much at 57.
Glen: You’ll be surprise, look at Dick Lee.
FD: Dick Lee probably started it at 25.

True. *LOL*

8.58am – Reached office before 9am! WOOHOO!

10.11am – Jesus. 931 more days with the goons? REALLY? O.O”’

10.39am –  Let’s stop planning for now and start working. Forever tons to clear… 931 days. OMFG. *FACEPALM*

10.59am – Once again, the eyes defy its master and shut down itself…

12.15pm – A sudden thought crosses my mind. I haven’t introduce the 3 goons in my blacklist, have I? ^^

Goon #1 – The Idol
This goon has always been my favourite. Sticking up his head and walking tall, showing his “almighty” status. He’s one of the best “salesman” I’d ever seen, with endless smoke bombs in his pockets. He can even talk until a dead fish becomes alive! But of course, to only be found out (after that) that the dead fish is really dead. Totally has no sense of logic nor imagination. He lives in his own world and am very proud and confident of himself such that he thinks he’s always right. Hated his middle finger as well as that “shook head” habit of his for anything and everything.

Goon #2 – The Paranoid
I do pity this one though, for he probably got stabbed too many a time such that it had damaged his brain and self-esteem. And now, he’s ALL OUT to protect his arse, regardless of anything. But on the other hand, he’s pissing the hell out of me with his all-out protective mode. Making my work so much more difficult due to his inflexibility. Worse still, he’s a nag. I hate nags.

Goon #3 – The Rising Star
Ooooh… I like this one, just like a star, so bright, and then slowly rising to the vast sky and into the clouds, and hopefully one day… *POOF* He will disappear! He wasn’t like that before he HAS his own room. He was courteous and relatively helpful. I got a shock when I received such commanding and arrogant emails from him. Rude. Yet another goon who only want to show his powers. Only learned the bad from his master, a.k.a. Goon #1. Sigh. Pity… pity… Reputation tarnished overnight. *STRIKE OUT*

931 days… *PULLS HAIR…*

1.52pm – So full and so sleepy.

2.38pm – This is so depressing… to know that you are the minority.

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