Ramblings #0647

7.45am – As I opened the door, I saw this cute little girl hugging her favourite soft toy and looking back at me, smiling. Sometimes, it simply slipped my mind that my girl had grown so much. Time had slipped by us without us realizing it…

8.25am – Better be late than poo-ing on my pants. *LOL*

8.48am – Crap. It’s Monday again. The mood from last Friday seems to have skipped the weekends and overflowed t

8.56am – The people here are weird. Why would you want to cc your business user in the email loop which you sent to your governance team? Firstly, this is an internal procedure and issue, and you shouldn’t be directly letting your business user be in contact. Secondly, you are the point of contact, by including your user in the email loop, I might as well go directly to the user instead. Weird. These people are weird. I’m not going to reply to that user. You just make us look bad.

9.48am – It’s always nice to hear some familiar voices.

10.08am – Extremely bad start. Of all the things, the phone had to break down NOW. I’m going to KL in a weeks’ time!

10.18am – Started working for some reasons. Damn. I hate to be the slaves of phones. And my mood is so bad! Why does the emails accumulates faster than what I cleared?!

10.43am – I stopped at the first sign of that tinge of blood. It all looks so familiar but yet totally different. I’m stopping my pump soon, after all, I’d manage to reach my target (barely). But then for the past week, the nipples looked cracked. And today, there were some signs of blood and pus. I wonder if it’s the itchy hands that caused this (I kept peeling off the flaky stuffs off it). Probably I really should start increasing the number of hours between pumps from 12 to 18, and then reducing the strength of the pump. I’m going to KL next week, it might be a good decision to stop by this week.

12.50pm – Not a good Monday. Sigh…

2.20pm – The mind is yet crowded again – audits, baby, classes, family day, nursery, diet, exercises, websites, business trip, plans, hobbies, blah and blah. And it hadn’t been good for lately, the giddy spell seem to have hit me unexpectedly.

3.33pm – Chiltern. Too far. Julia Gabriels. Even worse. My First Skool. Hmm… the break leg incident just happened! Trinity. Cannot claim subsidy. Any other childcares. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT’S LIKE! *facepalm*

5.25pm – Ready to go back.

5.40pm – Sis coming to pick me up but I think I’ll get out of here first. Otherwise, I might get caught…

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