Ramblings #0648

8.25am – Oh sucks. I need to stop the mood from overflowing from one day after another…

8.51am – In office and as usual, soaking my biscuits in the milo, and waiting for it to soften before I start tucking in. It’s Tuesday and it isn’t any better than yesterday. Somehow, suddenly recalled on the post by Joey Yap on Sunday. Seriously, he’s nothing special. The one thing good about him? He’s practical and realistic and just whack you out of your daze.

“I hate my job. I can’t lose this job. What can I do?”

This person, got the whole thing of bazi calculation wrong. And I think a lot of people did. Knowing your bazi, is only to know yourself better and be aware of it. And see which direction one should head towards. Nothing will change IF you never or can’t change. That’s something which Joey Yap kept emphasizing everytime he held a seminar. I guess he must be relatively tired to repeat this again and again.

So, if you hate your job but yet you can’t lose it. (The following has nothing to do with bazi at all. It probably is just common sense.) Then just love it or suck on it! (Which is what I’m trying to do every other day.)

And that’s the reason why after listening to it, I supported the lil’ hub in quitting his job and go for something which he should do better, according to his bazi. But of course, with some “terms & conditions”. *LOL*

Okay. Back to work. I’ve STILL got tons to clear. Probably skipping my massage later on. Have a feeling my meeting’s going to overrun…

9.17am – Sometimes I wonder why are there so many restrictions in my company’s network. Sigh… Never mind, I’ll just skip using it.

10.21am – Oh gosh…

12.11pm – Hungry…

1.10pm – Back in the boring office with the giddy spell still hanging onto me. Darn.

1.26pm – The lil’ hub just text me. Damn… I’m starting to wonder if it’s a wise decision for him to quit his job. This new company that he’s joining… hmm… I hope it’s not just bragging… I better GANBATTE. Don’t really want to end up in sh*t hole.

2.34pm – Time passes way too slowly.

2.43pm – Crap. This is bad.

2.45pm – Crap. Totally forgotten about the meeting.

2.53pm – Crap. I felt like crap.

3.24pm – There really is no sense of timing. Meetings simply overrun all over. My meeting is supposed to start but it doesn’t seem like the case especially when my boss disappeared too. Bad. Bad habits.

3.29pm – No sense of courtesy. Condemn you too. Why your hands can cramp? Because you old already!

3.48pm – I really wonder what I’m doing in this meeting other than sitting in and waiting for things that IN CASE I need to do… *YAWN*

5.14pm – This is so dry. I’m so dozing off. Do I really like audits?

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