Ramblings #0649

8.44am – A or B… A or B… A or B… Let the coin decide?? *FLIP!* A.

9.45am – I foresee a storm coming… with such “GREAT” planning from the Empress, how not to? Oh, right. The Empress, she’s somewhere close to my blacklist too. She used to be STILL quite alright until she got pushed up to take the seat of a VP. Terrible. I think she’s unable to eat such a big piece of cake for so many good ones are leaving. There must be a reason for such coincidences. Sigh… And yet I’m still “signing” the bond. Urgh. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing. Nonetheless, I shall focus on my big plan, and tolerate on the smalls.

1.56pm – Choosing a childcare centre for the small one can be so headache. Went to recce one just now and was taken aback by the strength of the teacher patting a child to sleep. Otherwise, the rest of the things look quite alright. Furthermore it’s relatively cheaper than the rest. Doubt the curriculum is good though. Ah… the good ones are all too far. The near ones ain’t as good. How…

2.48pm – It’s weird, when I had to help to “decode” a manager’s language. Gosh…

5.24pm – Honestly, I do find myself stupid at times, doing stupid things, and sometimes illogical or probably even “illegal” things, just so that I can hide the “truth” and present a perfect scenario. Darn. Is that how life is supposed to be?

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