Ramblings #0650

8.25am – Darn. I overslept again.

9.46am – Bills, bills and more bills. I’m so glad at times that I still have this job, which can help me pay off my monthly expenses. Nonetheless, got to watch closely on my spending this month especially when the lil’ hub will be without income soon. Had been touching my pathetic savings of late… Sigh…

9.55am – How can the same course be priced at such different prices just because it’s a different provider? It’s almost doubled!

11.03am – Finally am done with my bills. *HEADACHE* No more additional spending for the next few months.

1.37pm – Had some happy food, now the mood is a tad better. But there’s still a long day to go. Sigh.

2.18pm – Head feels bloated.

3.33pm – I’m trying hard not to laugh when I heard the name “Blaming King”… WOW… New name heard. Simply hilarious.

4.25pm – Supported a friend in the Hair for Hope! Ah… kudos to her! So brave to shave off her hair! *LOL*

5.13pm – 15 minutes of power left… … …

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