Ramblings #0651

4.59am – Goodness. Bad headaches at such timing? WTH…

7.00am – Bad. Bad. The headache is still there…

10.04am – Hasn’t had the time to breathe till now. Somewhat, I hated Friday, for it’s the day to close off a lot of things before the weekend comes. I’m running on tight schedule today with a few main things on my list which I HAVE to finish by today. Now, I’m only left with 30 minutes before I’m rushing off to visit one of my listed childcare centres. Expensive though but no harm taking a look and see what’s the difference. Half a day for $960… hmm…

1.06pm – Back from lunch and visitation to the childcare. Something new to ponder about. Nonetheless, it’s still rather expensive. Hmm… well, that’s for me and the lil’ hub to think through the weekend.

1.11pm – I told you yesterday to provide all the updates by today, and you said okay, will give it to be by lunch time. And now you are repeating the same thing again, saying that it’s going to take a long time and TRY to give it to me by today. WTF.

4.00pm – I hate audit period.

5.01pm – Had my dinner. Time to push on for the next half an hour!

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