Ramblings #0652

I’m pretty sure I was dreaming, for the story, people and surroundings were totally unfamiliar to me. But then when I felt some wriggly thing or tap on my left shoulder, it felt too real. I’m glad I never turn n snap. It was my little darling. Stretching out her little hand, seemingly to call me. I groped for her pacifier and gave it to her, and then I touched her legs which wasn’t covered by the pyjamas that got pulled up to the thigh. Darn. It was freezing cold. Did she wake me up because of that? Without much hesitation, I covered her legs with my blanket and hugged it.

She’s sleeping soundly now again. Hopefully she didn’t catch a cold. I’ll be flying off tomorrow and back only on Thursday. Seriously, somewhat hated it… but…

Anyway, at least the technology is there such that I can still see/hear her ^^ Life’s good.

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