Ramblings #0654

5.15am – Urgh. It’s just 5am+, I need to go back to sleep… so not used to sleeping on my own…

8.36am – Crap. The entrance pass for the lobby doesn’t work. So be it. I’ll have it fix later. But am having a stomachache now and yet unable to go into the ladies because the toilet door seems to be locked by the cleaning lady! This is REALLY crap. I think I’ll have to consider going to another level if she continues to be inside. Saying it’s terrible is definitely an understatement!

9.32am – It’s here again! What is that constant vibration felt? The construction beside this building. Better stay a little alert in case this whole building collapsed. But hmm… Level 6…

10.55am – Whoever that I’m listening to on Kiss 92 now… OMG… You might want to stop acting your accent. It sounded so… fake? Just be natural! You’ve already got a very nice accent, you don’t have to… erm… I can’t describe it at all. All I can say is, whoever you are advertising for, I doubt anyone will be interested especially from the way you said it. Euk.

11.58am – Luckily I brought my passport with me. Otherwise I’ll get stuck and cannot enter again like yesterday. WHY DO THEY WANT TO DEACTIVATE THE CARD?! Give me so many problems. Urgh.

2.07pm – Nice lunch. Chicken and prawn curry laksa! Yummy! The sauce ain’t exactly very thick kind, but it sure smells and tastes nice. Would even if better if they uses big prawns instead of shrimps. Still, it’s YUMMY!

2.18pm – Should I go and shop on my own tonight? There’s mega sales but the male colleague doesn’t seem to want to shop after dinner tonight. I don’t feel safe going shopping alone although the roads all seem linked. Hmm… never mind, we shall see.

3.26pm – Spent the last half an hour replying to an idiot. Thanks to the idiot, I wasted that half an hour to reply instead of doing something meaningful. Why? Why does such people exist? Aren’t we supposed to be in the same team, on the same side? Why do you only care and protect yourself. There’s 7 issues, and out of that, I’ve already got replies from 4. And the 3 cases, one of which is because I think you never do anything at all and thus it’s still pending, while the other is not the person’s fault (someone replied on her behalf right after I sent out the reply to you). See, this is called efficiency. To keep me notified. The due date is just a due date so that people will try and keep to it.

Do you think you are the ONLY person that’s freaking busy? While others are not and just awaiting there to do what you command? Under the impression? Well, I guess your assumptions are rather sucky. Go brush it up, dude.

4.11pm – I think I’m getting better and better at shooting people through emails. Darn. But I like it. *LOL* I don’t mean the receiving.

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