Ramblings #0655

1.13am – I re-read the reply that I wrote this afternoon. Some people are really just so ‘cheap’. Why do they need people to shoot them a bit first before helping out?

And damn. I can’t get to bed. I miss my pillow…

2.45am – What the…

3.13am – Erm… it’s not the time to wake up still right?

5.15am – Crap. This is the how many time I woke up tonight?

6.43am – That’s it. I don’t want to try anymore though I’m still freaking tired. I miss my pillow, baby and Bebe!

8.36am – That’s it. I’m going to start writing it here. But the colour theme doesn’t seem right. Shall do some simple changes for the time being.

8.55am – The “Morning Express” is definitely still the best and my favourite radio programme of all (Since 1997)!! It’s a beautiful day! I hope, other than the stiff neck and body. *LOL* Crap. I need to psycho myself today…

10.23am – Gee… she better heed my advice or else there’s going to be chaos again… soon…

12.56pm – Yet another heavy and nice lunch! Nice roasted chicken. Never try the pork though it looks damn tasty.

1.44pm – It’s SO NICE! The Milli Crepe cake! Shall go and search for the recipes!!

2.40pm – WOW… it’s not usual of him to leave the conference in such manner… Cool it, dude. Everything (at least for most) can be compromised. We just need to be level-headed and work out a solution. ^^

3.15pm – Suddenly miss my little bebe… Never mind, I’m going back tomorrow!

3.22pm – Crap. Am just wondering why do I have so many lousy peach blossom luck throughout my life and thus I went to peep at my bazi and guess what? I really do have it! Crap. And that’s for life… *facepalm*

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