Ramblings #0657

10.47am – Am starting on “hamsters” food again. I’m DETERMINE to diet! *LOL* Really couldn’t stand my current out-of-shape figure after looking at that almost perfect body of my colleague. Damn it. How could anyone do it so easily?

Anyway, the week of chaos is over. Never really like to travel as it never failed to mess up what I had planned. Nonetheless, it was quite a nice short break away from everything, not one where I can catch up with my work though.

This week’s going to pass relatively quickly too, with a mere 3 working days, and enjoying an extremely long weekend due to our National Day and Hari Raya Puasa. Coincidentally, it’s the start of the 7th month too.

Time flies. Yes, it flies. And I’m hopping that I can clear most part of my TO-DOs within this week. But that’s provided if I kept to what I’d planned. And… urgh… I just received an email from the big boss to my personal email account… -.-”’

Sigh… life is so tired at times, most of the time… Sigh…

11.22am – Really disliking the working that I’m doing at times. Like what my colleague had mentioned last week, he didn’t really enjoy it either. But neither does he knows where else he can go.

Is life always like that? Aimless?

11.42am – “Don’t expect people to read your mind.” It’s applicable for both work and personal life, on any type of relations you have with anyone. Can’t one just makes things simpler by stating out what you exactly want? It doesn’t have to be in detail, but at the very least, say something which people can know how to proceed. Sigh… women. Sigh…

2.57pm – It’s almost 3pm, and it’s time for a COUNTDOWN!

4.26pm – I’m good, ain’t I. Convincing people for certain things. Sounded as if I’m some kind of experts when probably I’m not. A trait of a connector, in it’s normal form. Hmm… it’s getting more and more interesting as I dwell into it further, reading and understanding the different cases. Patterns. How amazing can it be? I’m still searching. If only I’ve got more time for myself, instead of using it up for my work, family and friends. On the other hand, I’m probably the one to be blamed for the poor time management. Never mind, shall try harder in having a better management! GANBATTE NE!

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