Ramblings #0658

9.21am – Another day in “paradise”. Oh my… why am I dreading the days so much recently? Ain’t healthy at all, not a bit. A friend just asked why my status in my whatsapp is shown as “Breathe. Just breathe.” Simple. I need to keep reminding myself not to be angered by non-sense people. I’m surrounded by them. And I need to keep on telling myself that hang in there, no matter how heavy the loads are. It’s not. It’s just in my head. If you think simple, it’s simple. Bleh. Words of “psycho-ing”. Urgh. Mind’s not functioning well today. Thankfully the boss is on leave today. Shall… let… it… be… a… sloooooooow… day…

9.43am – VP of the Recreation Club? NO WAY! You have to be joking! It’s not going to be written in my bloody resume! Why the hell would I want to do it? *LOL* But I do feel a little flattered for your offer ^^

2.10pm – Goggy.

3.47pm – Eating “hamster’s” food now. Had a very heavy lunch just now. Bad. So fattening. Urgh. Fat. Urgh.

4.14pm – Oh boy… this is a disaster. Why does people like to exceed their meeting time?!

5.30pm – Go home, let’s just go home…

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