Ramblings #0659

9.20am – Good morning! It’s Wednesday and I’ve got a really bad start, with my face feeling relatively itchy at certain areas now, thanks to the sample of BB cream from Etude House which I got it a few months ago. BB cream? I have no idea what it is previously but now I know. All along, I thought it’s just some kind of moisturizer till I got a shock when I saw my “whiter” face in the mirror. Euk. Anyway, let’s just look forward to the events this coming long weekend!

9.31am – *facepalm* What did the team do again? Somehow, I felt that my words really fell on deaf ears… HOW MANY FREAKING TIMES DO YOU EXPECT ME TO REPEAT? Okay, never mind, just calm down… and breathe… People just don’t listen. They hear, but they don’t listen. They don’t follow, for some reasons. Sigh… Forget it, let’s read some news first.

9.48am – The world is definitely out of balance, regardless in the big or small scale… *continues to read…*

9.56am – Really? Do I still want a second child when Japan’s nuclear leak seems to be getting worse, and contaminated waters is being dumped into the sea, still. North Korea doesn’t seems stable at this moment. Corruptions are occurring everywhere. Bullets getting cheaper and even appearing at neighbouring countries. What the hell…

10.17am – *ROFL* Just hung a “pig’s head” (hand-drawn) on the door of a manager. He owed me a document and still hasn’t send to me yet! This is so funny… The next will be “paint splashing”! Let’s wait till 11am…

11.12am – It’s always best to keep your family matters in a “low” profile manner… *cough* Dude, cool down. You are scolding way too loud.

12.42pm – Should have read the smaller words… -.-”’

1.36pm – Brain’s moving slowly today.

1.59pm – I think I should really set some time aside in a day to do my things REGULARLY. Otherwise, things doesn’t seem to be moving with all the adhocs. But it’s so difficult after I get back at home… and the only other time if I don’t “eat” it into my sleep is while I’m in… hmm… hmm…

2.35pm – Crap. How did I slip and fall? The floor ain’t exactly that oily… hmm… maybe I should really spend some money to get a new pair of anti-slip heels. Urgh… luckily just a slight twist.


2.48pm – I think I better go pray soon… and let’s just quickly finish this lunch, go back to the office, change into the slippers and sit there till I’m off work.

3.00pm – Great… I never bring my access card out. Is someone out there playing a joke on me? O.O”’ *shivers*

4.15pm – I hate last minute thing. Pui.

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