Theatre – The Phantom of the Opera


I let myself sink into the music of the night. Relaxing and enjoying every bit of the opera, “The Phantom of the Opera”. Feeling the sorrow, fear, anger of the characters. How long I’d waited, to watch this. And now, finally, I’m here, with *turns around and looks at the lil’ hub*

… … … … … …
… … … … … …
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How could anyone have dozed off in the theatre while watching “The Phantom of the Opera”?? -.-”’

I supposed it’s either you love it, or you hate it. If you ain’t the kind who likes to go for slow motion, lovey dovey stories, well, let’s just say, spare yourself from spending the money and time to go and watch it. Otherwise, GO FOR IT! You should at least watch it once in your lifetime!

“The Phantom of the Opera” is a heart wrenching story of a talented musician and architect, whose face was deformed. He fell in love with Christine, the main female lead, who dance in the Opera House. He taught her to sing, “showing” himself as the “Angel of Music”. Eventually, because of an incident, she was given a chance to sing. On that night, her childhood friend, Raoul, saw her and recalled their love for each other. And it’s also on the very same night that she finally saw the Phantom.

In between, the Phantom “kidnapped” her, threatened the staffs in the Opera House, while Christine tries to flee herself from the Phantom, but yet from what I see, there seems to be some confusion on herself. She’s attracted to the Phantom, somewhat. But I feel it’s because of his face and madness (Phantom kills), and the presence of Raoul, that caused her to want to leave. Whatever it is, it’s still quite a nice classic story overall.

If it’s in the presence time, I think the Phantom can jolly well just go for plastic surgery after he had extorted enough money from the Opera House. *LOL*

For a summary from the lil’ hub, this story is about a crazy guy who is in love with a girl, and wanted to kidnap her for good.

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