Thoughts – Spouse Blames

I wonder how many felt the way I feel, almost on a monthly basis, where you simply just felt stupid because of the things you do, which is condemned by your own spouse. There’s really nothing wrong on the things you do, I really mean nothing, not that you find it anyway. Just… they simply just find the things you do… stupid. *speechless*. All I can say is, I’m somewhat getting used and immune to it. And that it’s getting better as we progressed together (thank Lord for that).

So this is how my day goes…

It started off with me rambling on about the number of carpark coupons to put, blah and blah, WHILE he’s doing a parallel parking. Fine. It’s probably bad timing which I never realized it (you CAN’T expect me to realize EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, I’m still human, for goodness sake), until he came upon suddenly with a “CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT UP and stop rambling about?! It’s so noisy!” Great. That’s not the kind of tone and attitude that I’ll accept. You could have kindly just say it like that – “I’m sorry, I can’t concentrate, can you please tell me later”. Right…

Okay, that’s one episode. The next came when we were going for the Popular IT Gadgets sales at Suntec Convention. I let him waited a tad longer because the cashier counters were on the other end of the hall. I never accompanied him to take a look at the video cam that he wanted to get for his car (subsequently after that because I’m stuck with all the books). And then I got reprimanded for being stupid to help a weird auntie use her $5 voucher (and giving her $5 in cash instead). Am I wrong to help? Even if the auntie seems weird? Sigh…

Lastly, yes, he got the video cam, and needed to update the date in the settings. I helped him while I’m on the phone with my baby daughter. So while he asked me to change to 20:04, I put it to 20:02 instead. (2 minutes of difference doesn’t seem huge to me). And then he started saying things like, “we won’t be leaving because your stupid mum never help to fix the time”. Great. Isn’t that nice?

On a good day, I still can just tell him that he’s the smartest, so let him do all the things instead. But on a bad day as such, I do really feel like giving him a tight slap.

Am I the only one feeling this way? Am I the only one to have a spouse like that? I do believe, for one thing, that it’s not always the husband that’s doing that. But be it the wife or husband, please, can you just spare a thought on the person at the receiving end? The one that’s supposed to spend his/her whole life with you? This is not supposed to be the tone and attitude that they deserve. Sigh…

(in the tune of “All I ask of you” from The Phantom of the Opera)
Say you’ll love me for whoever I am
Promise me you’ll stop scolding me too
That’s all I ask of you

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