Ramblings #0661

9.36am – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! It’s MONDAY! It’s MONDAY! Ah!!!!!

11.29am – Wow. Not too bad for an organized Monday. Keeping to the schedule as close as possible. I have to. Otherwise things just can’t seem to be completed. Okay, shall strive to complete some of the many other things planned!

12.47pm – Weather’s hot today. I’m getting so tanned just by walking out for lunch. Gosh. Hated it.

3.01pm – Cool! Target hit! Now, what’s next in line? Geez… I like this organized me! *LOL* Hmm… wonders if I can try and pack my room. Never mind, one thing at a time.

4.54pm – Great. Submitted the claims. Hopefully it’s going to get approved fast so that I can get back my money.

5.43pm – Time to go massage! Woohoo!

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