For a while, it felt weird, that I’m not pumping anymore, at least, not for the past 2 days. A habit that I picked up a year ago, and one that I want and need to kick. It wasn’t that difficult, just weird… and a little… ironically, sad. Am I, once again, depriving the baby of nutrients? I seriously hope not.

My target had always just been 6 months. The doctor recommended at least that too. Somehow, I managed to drag it till a year, though towards the end, there’s hardly much breastmilk already. I’m proud of myself, for enduring such a long time, even when the supply wasn’t as great. I never gave up.

But now, I finally made a decision to stop. And today, I pumped again to ensure that the production had stopped or near stopping (since there’s hardly much reading materials on how to stop), which will most likely be the last pump for this baby. Why? For one, the breast doesn’t feel full anymore. Secondly… there’s only a few drops after I pumped for 10 minutes.


What did I do with that few drops? *Cough* Guess what, I drank it. *LOL* Well, the baby was still asleep, and I think I deserve to taste my milk right? Yes, it tasted alright, but nothing like the ones I tasted earlier on during the early months where there’s a strong iron taste. It tasted like raw vegetables today. Maybe it really is true that the breastmilk tasted different everyday. How amazing…

And… I’ll really have to kick that habit, right? Cold turkey? And I’ll eventually get used to not pumping again right? Geez…

So, is that it? I guess so…

*finale music at the background*

Bye bye (to the pumps), till then (for the second baby), I’ll miss you guys… and thank you (all the different parts) for all the help and company for the past year… hope to see you all real soon… ^^

P/S: Why do I felt like I’ve lost something… *ponder*

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