Ramblings #0662

6.57am – I heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God it’s just a dream, though an unpleasant one… No matter how much we argue, I still love him, lots. I wouldn’t want him dead, shot, or bleeding. The sky began to brighten, yet with dark clouds looming around. It’s going to rain. Is it Tuesday?

*Sends an SMS – Bebe I love you! Muak muak!* ^^

9.59am – Time for the real work!

9.40am – Very late for work today. Little milkie was crying as we stepped out of the house. The mum was still very sleepy so I took a little time to carry her and walk about. Alas…

10.51am – One down! Target reached! This is cool… ^^

11.06am – Yeah done! Now am waiting for feedback. Otherwise, let’s start doing a bit of my own things. *GIggles* I love this job more and more!

11.18am – A wise man once told me, “TM, you don’t need any special methods to teach a child. Just teach with your heart.” Hmm… I wonder how he’s doing now…

2.01pm – Getting sleepy, and hungry. Apparently drinking soup for lunch simply doesn’t work. Shall go up and munch something in a while more. Urgh.

2.43pm – Still haven’t eat yet. Why? Because I’m shopping online! Shhh… :p

3.41pm – So full! Totally satisfied! That’s what I called – LUNCH.

4.35pm – Do I find meaning in my work? Seriously, no. Work’s mundane. Repeating things one after another. Everyday seems the same, or similar. And the people ain’t exactly THAT helpful, for some reasons. Not to mention that the lady at the top is a little… sigh…

5.51pm – Are we still holding the meeting… *waiting… and waiting… and waiting…*

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