Ramblings #0663

7.42am – Why do I feel extremely tired today? Ah… It would be so nice if tomorrow and Friday is a holiday… but… but… the next holiday will only be in October! *CRY* I’m going to plan my childcare leave today.

8.55am – Everyday, this road will just be jammed up. Terrible junction.

9.06am – So early, and I had to start explaining. *LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE* It’s alright, after explaining, I’ll probably have one lesser problem in future.

9.43am – A colleague came back to the office after going for a tour with her friend, with a black face. Somehow, the trip ended up bad. It’s never easy, for 2 friends to travel, unless both belongs to the easy-going type, or at least, one party is. But apparently, for this case, it’s not. One wants to go shopping, while the other wants to go sightseeing. Plans were all changed at the very last minute. Alas… How can this friendship last?

11.12am – Mood is low… low… low…

1.59pm – Okay. Back from lunch. The morning’s bad with me not following on the schedule at all. Let’s hope now it’s better. So… let’s start cracking a little, and hope there’s not much interruptions.

2.13pm – Great. Disruptions came too fast… Urgh.

2.58pm – Sometimes I wonder why are there audits and things… it’s because, humans simply doesn’t care much about the work that they do. Why, can’t it be just for once, that there’s no issue at all? But then again, I’ll probably lose my job if that really happens. The contradictions of life.

4.43pm – I’m good at multitasking, ain’t I? But at the same time, I’m pretty sure my brain cells are all used up today. Zoning out… but am still waiting for answers. That’s the thing… wait and wait after you’ve finally shoot all the arrows out. I wonder if I can go off on time today…

5.31pm – Over? Can I… rest for a while now? 😀

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