It never really crossed my mind before that potty train a baby can be very difficult. Other than hearing that my nephew, who is now coming to 3 years old and still refuses to use a potty, I never encounter or hear of any other cases (at least, not of recent). But then when I posted a photo of little milkie pooping using a potty earlier this morning, immediately after that, I received numerous comments and questions from my friends who recently became mothers too.

Mother A: Already start potty train? How did she tell you that she wanted to poop?
Mother B: By the time mine gave me the “poop” face, the poop already in her diaper…
Mother C: Mine simply refuse to sit on it, he rather not poop!
Mother D: She just don’t like the potty seat or standalone potty on the floor, will just fuss and refuse.

Wow… I’m the lucky one, I thought. Considering the fact that it wasn’t really that difficult to get little milkie to use a potty for poop, and that she still can even pose for you while pooping nowadays… -.-”’


Well, anyway, my mum asked me to buy a potty for little milkie when she was around 10 months old, which I thought was quite young. Nonetheless, we went ahead and get it. And it probably wasn’t an easy chore just to choose a potty. Firstly, it mustn’t be too high, otherwise her feet can’t touch the floor (thus the potty seat is totally out of the question) and she’ll probably sink into the hole, and won’t feel so secure. And of course, the hole can’t be too big. Then lastly, I’m glad we saw this one with a handle (got it from kiddy palace), where we thought she could hold it, and use it to squeeze her poop out. And at the same time, like “riding” a horse (play to poop *LOL*). It turns out great, apparently. She likes it and the best is, it seems easier for her to poop (more space for the poop to come out).

So any advice? Let’s see…

You definitely have to start with getting a right potty, as I’d mentioned earlier on. Let them sit down there without having you worrying that they’ll fall down or whatsoever, and they themselves knowing that too.

Then, as what a friend had advice, let them sit everyday (with pants and diaper off) on certain times, especially helpful if there’s a fix time that they usually pooped. Otherwise, be like me, where it’s like a fire drill everytime she pooped. See the “squeeze” face, take out the pants and diaper, and transfer them over immediately (make the sure the potty is always within reach). And pray that they haven’t pooped yet. By that time, their stomach probably is a little painful for them to react and try further actions. If they still refuse to sit, try distracting them with toys or food, or any of their favourite things.

Lastly, good luck! And don’t give up!

*some of the subtle joy of having a baby, you get to see them grow up, and you banging your head*

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