Ramblings #0664

9.08am – Another day in “paradise”. *LOL* Gee… seems like it’s been quite a while since I’ve tried some new food. But not today. I’ve got an appointment with the Schoolhouse by the Garden, a potential childcare centre where I’m going to put little milkie in. Let’s see how it goes later on. Today’s Thursday and I hadn’t done my homework for my Korean language. I guess that’s the end of it. Realized that I really can’t afford the time to take up any language courses which needs to much effort. Life’s still good nonetheless!

Yesterday’s plan was really really bad. Got all messed up with all the interruptions from my boss. Hope today would be better. *Picking up the pieces*

1.02pm – Back from lunch and my sneaky little trip to the childcare centre. Oh my… it’s so difficult to choose one. Or maybe I should just drop the idea of sending her to a childcare… But then again, that would means she won’t be able to interact with other children until older, and my parents won’t be able to rest. Hmm… think… think…

2.05pm – I think I need a break.

2.23pm – This is so boring. Urgh.

2.41pm – Let’s try taking leave next Monday.

3.04pm – On a not too bad day… *Phone rang – from 66033554*

Me: Hello?
Lady on the line: Hi, I’m xxx calling from Standard Chartered.
Me: And?
Lady on the line: We would like to offer you a 1% loan…
Me: Erm, it’s alright. I’m not interested.
Lady on the line: Oh, alright. You can save our number in case you need it in future.
Me: Sure. *Hangs up, save the number under “Don’t Pick Up” in the phone directory*

3.19pm – Yes! I’m on leave on Monday! Shall plan to bake my lovely cupcakes! ^^ Now got more mood to work already. *looking forward!*

3.43pm – AH! Stupid file crashed my computer!

4.11pm – So what now? Wait again? Sigh… why can’t they just let me quickly finish my work?

5.07pm – … and I haven’t receive the things that I’m supposed to receive…

6.15pm – Surprise? Yes, I’m still in the office. And I really hate audit period.

6.35pm – Yes, still here… *Yawn* Hope those peeps find it sooner, otherwise I can only wait… and wait…

6.52pm – Okay… apparently waited for nothing. Time to go home…

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