Shopping – H&M @ Orchard Road

JESUS CHRIST! What have I missed all these while?!! – Still recalling on my reaction when I first stepped into H&M just now, and seeing the price tags on those beautiful clothings. Geez… I didn’t know it’s NOT too expensive. *LOL*

It’s been a really long time that I go into town and shop since little milkie was born, 13 months ago. And though I’ve heard of H&M opening in Orchard quite a while ago, and had drove passed it several occasions, it never occurred to me that the price ain’t that steep.

H&M? A nice shop with 3 levels, and generally selling female’s clothings. But there’s a level for the men’s and children’s too. And as said, since the price wasn’t that steep, it didn’t take me long to pick out one simple top for myself, and then a few for little milkie (it’s mostly about her nowadays).


I’m definitely not the only one that’s enjoying this trip as little milkie tries on different hats and grinning happily into the mirror (she’s so bloody vain!). As her mum, I simply just couldn’t resist buying those pretty clothes and hat for her. And so I did, after some controls, gotten a hat and 4 tops for her! And all these cost less than a hundred bucks! Will I go again? YES!! And maybe the next time round, I’ll get more of mine. *LOL* I SIMPLY LOVE SHOPPING!!


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