Thoughts – Simple Joy of a Baby

I looked at her, sayang-ing alternatively between my mum and myself as she sat in between the two of us. Her big wide smile spread across the whole of her petite face, and constantly talking nonchalantly. She’s happy, very happy. And happy over what? Over the fact that she’s out shopping, and is now eating her non-usual food – Japanese food, which includes tofu, steamed egg, a bit of salmon, and some potato salad. And then all the people she loves are around her.

Such simple enjoyment, and she’s overjoyed. Babies… that’s how simple they are. Never expecting a lot. When was the time where a nice and relatively tasty meal can make you feel like that? When was the last time where a trip out to a movie or shopping will make you ecstatic?

Humans, as can be seen, are simple by nature. But as they grew up, they became complicated. They are the ones who caused all the unhappiness to themselves. Especially when life has always been so easy for them.

For those who are born and raise in Singapore, do you know that you are very fortunate to have live in such a nice city. It might not be the best place in the world, but compared to lots, we are so much better. No natural disasters (the worst is probably the floodings which ain’t that bad), relatively safe (though of recent years, things are getting slightly a little out of hand), generally most people have a place to stay in, and definitely food to eat. There’s even chance for you to study when so many others can’t. Are you appreciating all these?

I looked at her again (still smiling…). Maybe that’s how life should be… appreciating everything that you have, and be happy while you live. After all, life is too short to waste it on being unhappy.

“She’s like an angel, reminding me on how to live again…”, .La

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