I lied on the bed, knocked out. I could hear little milkie’s request to carry her, and the lil’ hub is desperately trying hard to coax her to sleep. I can feel the soft peck from the lil’ hub… but… I’m simply too exhausted to response to any of them…

It had been a long long day. I had taken a day’s off to test out the baking and the creaming. So I left with the lil’ hub early in the morning. On the way, had a little tiff because the lil’ hub forgotten to pump the petrol. Right, as usual, it seems like it’s my fault for not reminding him. It seems like it’s my fault for giving him a dumb suggestion to pump petrol from another company. It seems like it’s my fault to tell him to turn the wrong junction while I’m still talking to his mum on the phone. It’s just… everything, my fault.

Oh well, pissed as I was, I didn’t want my day to be ruined and so I continued happily with my original agenda.

It turns out not too bad, after 8 hours of mixing, waiting and washing – with output of 66 cupcakes. The vanilla cupcakes are just as nice as before, soft, not too dry and damn tasty (the jury tried it too). But the buttercream didn’t all turn out well. The chocolate, green tea, coffee and vanilla ones are still alright. A little too sweet for the fruits one. Didn’t realize that the essence itself is sweet. A carelessness on my part. But no worries, I’m not going to give up just like that! Will try and fine tune it further!

So well, back at home, little milkie continues to stick to me, which is good and bad at the same time. But by the time the night hits, my brain and body simply couldn’t take it anymore.

Anyway, it’s always nice and good to have the lil’ hub around even though he can be quite irritating at times. *LOL*


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