Ramblings #0667

9.57am – I’m late! I’m late! It’s almost 10am and I have to start clearing my work already! Good morning! Is everything on track?

10.51am – Urgh. As much as I try not to multi-task, I can’t… not when the boss kept asking for the output…

11.44am – Confusing, confusing. Irritating, irritating. The idol is BACK to irritate and confuse me. Sigh… he just makes my day so… sickening.

2.07pm – Just went to a shop at City Hall that sells all the second hand branded bags. There’s a rather nice one, from Dior. The small one, in rose red colour costs about $2,000+ while the bigger one costs $3,000+. Did I buy it? HELL NO! I don’t want my lil’ hub to kill me. Nonetheless, it’s still nice! ^^ Now, it’s back to the boring work for my boring life.

5.14pm – WOW… Have I been working non-stop for the past 3 hours?!!!! Jesus Christ! And I haven’t eaten my sotong balls and left over sandwich yet!

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