Ramblings #0668

7.25am – Time to wake up…

7.53am – Should I try playing the Candy Crush again?

8.10am – Oh. No haze today.

8.12am – This must be the half naked Chinese man that the lil’ hub had text me just now, asking me to be careful. Weird people. A Chinese man, of 30’s, top naked, sitting on a piece of cloth on the ground, and starring out into blank space. Gee…

8.44am – It’s another day of working. How’s your energy level? Mine… sucks… *LOL* My tolerance level for the black list is decreasing steadily everyday… I’m not an admin. I repeat. I’M NOT AN ADMIN!

9.12am – Hmm… was telling my colleague about the Chinese man and the person that my cousin mentioned that day (the person who pee-d at the corridor). Now that I think about it, could it possibly be the same person?

11.17am – I’ve got a new buttercream recipe! ^^

2.19pm – Stupid bus driver. Makes me want to puke now… >.<”’

2.30pm – Is there a fire drill today? No… I don’t think so… BUT… the fire alarm had been activated!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

2.41pm – False alarm again. Duh.

3.05pm – Time to start working again. *YAWN*

4.03pm – Let’s switch from Phantom to Lambert! FEVER!! *… I’m sick of laying down alone…*

4.14pm – Sudden urge to play WoW but I doubt I’ll have the time to play at all. Hmm… Sigh… Now, it’s just a repetitive of “bao bao”, “chu qu” & cries. *LOL* Oh well, it’s not exactly that bad. ^^ I still love little milkie!

6.37pm – Oh this sucks! Causewaymall.com, that’s it. I’m condemning you FOREVER!

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