Ramblings #0669

12.23am – I think I ought to stop and sleep now… *yawn* Hey… wait a minute! Is that my pathetic quarterly bonus coming in? *LOL*

9.32am – In office, having a bad backache. Wow… I haven’t really started work and it’s already an hour from the time I’m supposed to start working.

10.44am – Finally found the answer to my problem. Hmm… I’m so bored.

11.11am – “If you can’t convince them, you confuse them.”. This is exactly how I feel right now. Dudes kept confusing me, and twirling me around, plus throwing smoke bombs. Alas… Why do I need to face this everyday?

2.56pm – When you have a boss that micro-manages. Accept it. If you can’t take it. Leave.

6.04pm – I choked. A very bad choke. Because I laughed at my dad. But he’s simply HILARIOUS! One sentence, he’s still talking about topic A, and the next sentence, it’s totally about topic B, then on topic A again, and then topic B, where topic A and B are non-related at all! Goodness…

9.58pm – Sis and cousin left for the Australia trip. Going to be back 2 weeks later. Ah… how nice if I can go for a tour with them too… but it’s okay…

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