An old setting, with olden type of tables and chairs to suit the theme. This Killiney branch is located along the middle of Purvis Street. I wouldn’t have known of such places if not for my friend, who brought me here.

There wasn’t a lot of varieties on the menu, and mainy consist of local food, but thats weirdly, run by Chinese. I wonder if the cook is a Chinese too (I’d ever had roti pratas cooked by a Chinese and it definitely doesn’t taste nice). Nonetheless, I went ahead to order the same as what my friend did – Seafood Fried Hor fun, that cost $5, and a drink (homemade barley for me) that cost $1.60.

We didn’t have to wait too long (luckily) for the food to come, and seriously, the fragrance smell of that plate of fried hor fun, is one of the best. I really mean, it smells damn good! And when it comes to the taste, there’s only one word to describe – YUMMY!



While it tastes good, my friend ain’t really that happy for the portion of the food, according to her, isn’t worth $5. It’s too little, the ingredients and amount. *LOL* I wouldn’t disagree with that for it does really seems not a lot. But then again, I did have quite a fulfilling meal at the end of it. Not extremely full, but full enough to last me through the night with it’s lard that my body needs to burn it off. So, it’s a “I’ll come back again” for me.

OH NO! It’s almost 7pm an I’m supposed to be studying for my Korean spelling test! AH!! Let’s hope the teacher will forget about it… *dashes off for lesson*

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