Ramblings #0670

8.50am – I’m on my way to the office, walking along the pavement under the hot morning sun. This route will probably end in another few months time, after we move into the new building around 5-10 minutes walk from the current.

It’s Friday, but yet I’m not a tad happy. I’m dragging myself to work. I know it. 898 days more. An estimated target where I’ll leave this company. Glad that at least it’s starting with an “8”. I’m counting down. I know it’s not a good thing.

So why didn’t I leave the company? For 2 simple reasons. It’s really very near to where I’m staying now and I get to go off almost on dot everyday, furthermore, the work load is manageable. How many other places would you be able to get that? Although I would say, the prospects and money earned wasn’t as great as compared to a lot of other companies. But the plus points that I mentioned just now is suffice enough to compensate for it.

Sigh… what’s the day today? Boring day.

10.00am – Time to start working again? Sigh…

12.57pm – A book on inspirational quotes, just what I needed. But… should I buy it, or should I DIY something creative instead? *Starring at the creative quotes beside* Hmm… I think I shall do the latter! TIME FOR SOME CRAFTS!

2.29pm – WHAT… is the point of asking people “WHY ARE YOU NOT INTERESTED?” Everyday, I kept getting calls after calls from people from the banks and insurance companies. It’s irritating. VERY irritating. WORSE is when I said I’m not interested already, they STILL CONTINUE TO blabber about! Dudes, stop wasting my time!

4.08pm – The mood just gets worse everytime my idol speaks… darn.

4.30pm – My system obviously LOVE me too much to want to see me going off early. PUI! Sigh… was intending to leave slightly earlier since my boss is on MC, and I need to study for my Korean Language. But who knows, suddenly my system became soooooo slow till it’s impossible to do any work. A restart would be fine but there’s nobody around to approve it! 2 on MC and 1 on leave. Great.

9.01pm – Phew, no test today. I’m glad the teacher forgotten about it. Makes me feel so stress…

11.16pm – How I wished sometimes the lil’ hub is a little bit more thoughtful for my mum. To think that he actually gets extremely pissed before just because he felt that I don’t care about his mum, he’s almost doing the same to mine too. The baby belongs to both of us. If you are not going out with me, is it really that difficult to come by and help to take care of little milkie while I’m out?

It all seems so easy for you… When the wife is in, I go and she’s there taking care of the baby. When the wife is not in, I stay at home and mother is there to take care. The math somehow, just doesn’t seem right. It’s no wonder that she called you “Dad” but that’s about it.

Do you really expect me to go out, and enjoy myself till late at night, when my mum is still looking after the baby after one full day?

11.38pm – *patting little milkie to sleep* Okay, I guess it wasn’t that bad to give up watching Belinda Carlisle, Bananarama and Rick Astley, and watch little milkie instead. Let’s just say, I’m responsible for her, and it’s MY duty to look after her. *Ignores the lil’ hub*

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