Movie – Elysium

Finally a breather away from work and baby, AND finished watching the movie ELYSIUM! The past weeks had been really hectic with the audits and preparation for Family Day 2013 going on parallel at the same time. Audit’s coming to an end (Thank God), and the Family Day’s going to be next Saturday. So hopefully, if the Idol stops messing up with my schedule due to his adhoc request(s), I should be able to get some short rest at work. As for my personal work, I doubt I’ll be able to rest for quite a while. Lots of “constructions” are underway and I refused to give up this time round!

Anyhows, let’s talk about this movie that I just finished watching with the lil’ hub. A movie that was recommended by numerous friends and indeed, is it WORTH watching.


Starring Matt Damon (Max) and Jodie Foster (Rhodes), this story is about the future of Earth, when it’s over-populated and filled with disease. The wealthy stays in a “spacecraft-like” environment called Elysium, that’s orbiting not far away from Earth. Over there, there’s these machines which are able to heal and reconstruct cells as long as the human is not dead yet. Of course, as I’d mentioned, only the wealthy can stay there.

On the other side, the living an health conditions on Earth were bad, with machines being used as the tools for peace control. Thus, lots of people tried means and ways to fly illegally to Elysium. And Rhodes, who is in-charged of the security of Elysium, will do anything to prevent anyone from the Earth to come into Elysium.

Max lives in an orphanage when he’s young. And had often thought of going to Elysium some day. After he grew up, he stole cars and had been to jail. He did want to change and make his life better, but when due to some accident, he was exposed to radiation and will die in 5 days, he decided to do something, in the hope that he can live…

That’s it. I don’t want to spoil your movie. All I’m going to say is, you won’t regret watching it, especially if you love action movies.

But it just kept me wondering, are things going to be really that bad in another 100 years time? Over-population, diseases spreading… hmm… and now I’m wondering if anyone will read this 100 years later.

You know, it’s 2013, and if you are really reading this, let’s just say, currently the world is still beautiful. There’s still lots of greens (generally), and peace around. Not really exactly over-populated but diseases seem to be on the rise. Fukushima’s radiation leaks into the oceans, mad cow and dog diseases, bird flus, HxNx etc. Polar ice caps melting, sea levels rising, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes happening. Somehow, things are just (from what I see) getting weirder each day… especially the weather. And people are always trying to be God – create rain, create human-like robots etc.

If one day, there’s the end of the world, it’s all because of human’s own wrongdoings.

Okay, time to go run some errands! NTUC, here I come (again)!

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