Did we escape and sneak out again?! YOU BET! *LOL*
Okay, I know we (lil’ hub and I) are being really naughty to have ran out like that in the middle of the afternoon, but I wouldn’t want to miss this one, especially when the trailer seems so nice!


A fantasy story, based on a novel (after which at the end of the whole movie, after I googled a little, then I realized) by Cassandra Clare, this is a story about this teenage girl, Clary (starring Lily Collins) who started to see weird things and a symbol which she couldn’t understand. And after an incident where she saw a guy (Jace, starring Jamie Campbell Bower) killing another in a pub, things became even weirder. Her mum, who apparently hid some truth from her, didn’t get the chance to explain to her, and was captured by the bad guy, named Valentine.

By the time Clary went back to her house, she was greeted by this monster dog. Luckily, Jace came to her rescue and killed the monsterous dog. After that, Clary found out that her mum, like Jace, is a shadowhunter, and that she hid the truth from her, so as to protect her.

Nice? Well, I’d never read the novel before, so as one who just watch a new movie, it wasn’t too bad, really. There might be some parts where it’s a little cheesy and blurry, like the one where Jace and Clary kissed at the garden. And then there’s this portion where I don’t understand why Hodge (an old guy who used to be a shadowhunter) were so scare of Valentine. And then I don’t understand why the portal will just freeze and explode. And what’s the purpose of the mortal cup again?

Oh, am I divulging a little too much?

Well, why not just stop wondering, and go watch it, and then subsequently wait for it’s sequel to come out. Alternatively, like what I’ll be doing, search for the novels and read it!

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