Ramblings #0673

3.33am – That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Little milkie’s been tossing and turning, and making noises (she’s awake), so she will be fed. And I’m going to clear my stomach that had been tossing and turning too for the past half an hour!

4.01am – No good. Stomach don’t feel good still.

5.59am – Darn. It’s going to be a bad day, with this waking up every now and then. And why is little milkie’s head so near to mine?

6.38am – Is that her foot? O.o”’

7.30am – I’m too tired to wake up… but…

9.02am – How to handle a baby who is too cute to be rejected? Little milkie kept wanting me to carry her… Aww…

10.00am – The Empress has spoken. All those who go for course shall still attend the dinner. WTF. My respect for her is going down the drain…

10.43am – I simply can’t get it off my chest. It’s damn bloody blood boiling! Why do I have a dictator right at the top?!!

10.57am – How did my savings drop back to a 4-figure? And some more, a LOW 4… O.O”’ Did I overspend that much? *GASP*

11.06am – Cock ups after cock ups. This is NOT a good start for a new week. Sigh. Bank rejected due to invalid account AFTER freaking 4 days?!!! Pardon me for my language but… WTF IS GOING ON WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR EFFICIENCIES! AND THE STUPID DICTATOR!!

1.37pm – Back to this sad sad place…

2.23pm – Oh. A friend broke up. Hmm… but I feel it’s for the good. Oh well, life still goes on. Just… cry a little and hopefully things will turn out better soon.

5.05pm – WOW! When did the time pass so fast?!! I haven’t even done much yet!

10.58pm – Been in pain for the past 2 hours. Is it gastric, or is my “auntie” coming?

It definitely is way more difficult if the word “organized” is not found in your dictionary. ~ .La

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