Thoughts – Bully. Old. Sadist. Sucks.

I’ll probably be MORE than just a little sarcastic when I’m writing this as I’m simply totally beyond spoken words. And the more I think about it, the more it’s driving me NUTS! I don’t care and I’m not going to care if somehow it’s going to cost me my job to write on my OWN blog. I’ve got my rights, mind you! It’s just beyond my level of acceptance of stupidity and considerateness of a person!

Great, so let’s start by having some conversations-made-up!

Mr A: Wow! You actually came down just to join us for the dinner from all the way there!
Ms B: Right, I’m glad you realized that! Aren’t you surprise? I’ve got 2 tests tomorrow, and I came down by cab (which is paid for by my boss’s own pocket money) just so that I can have my dinner with ALL of you for 1 FREAKING hour, and then to rush back home after that so that I can prepare for my tests (which I have to definitely pass for one of them), and at the same time, take care of my baby!

Mr A: You must have love your team…
Ms B: Oh yes yes, ESPECIALLY the BIG BOSS. She’s so darn good at convincing people till no one can reject her request to come for this dinner! It’s like someone having a knife right at your back and you feel so good until you simply can’t reject it. Isn’t she wonderful and sweet?

Mr A: Oh… Wow…
Ms B: Speechless isn’t it? Yes, most of us are speechless and that’s why we are here.

Mr A: Who are you, by the way?
Ms B: Me? Just someone to make up for the numbers. You can call me Miss 19 if you want to. It doesn’t matter.

And what’s my favourite subject again? *echoes in the background… Math…*

Oooh… that’s smart of you! Remember those hidden sentences, encryption, secret messages that I used to do while I’m a kid. Well, I’m getting better and better at that. Wondering what I wrote on my FB? Here’s the answer:

The Lord who adores Himself, tortures his men and the peasants… Smiles for now but Uproars will be heard and Celebrations will be made with the arrival of a new King… Soon…”

Your name will be tarnished.

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