Ramblings #0675

8.27am – On my way to the course. Feeling okay except the thought of tonight’s dinner makes my blood boil. I guess it won’t be a good day with that thought in my head. But as I’d mentioned. There’s a limit to how MUCH I can tolerate on such nonsense. And this just ain’t one of them.

9.32am – I dislike you. And as long as you talked, I feel like punching you. *When stupidity chases after you even when you are far away…*
12.10pm – Bored. *Yawn*

2.25pm – … and I thought I kept hearing farts… or am I dreaming? *stares at my colleague who is sitting beside me*

3.00pm – Sleepy. When is this going to end?

3.48pm – The eyes on the book yet the mind is drifting away…

5.48pm – And now I’m here, sitting at the McDonald’s at Junction 8, wasting my time away thanks to the stupid lady who insisted that everyone should go for the dinner, even those who are on course. I could have jolly well be already at home playing with my baby. She won’t and will never understand because she’s not married. Or I could be revising on my course now in a nice and comfortable environment. But she don’t care because she don’t get scolded if she fails, I do. And the fees for retaking the course is hardly noticeable to her.

Gosh. I wonder what profile is she?

And now I’ve got this inconsiderate auntie beside me whose watching opera in a damn loud volume. *IRRITATED*

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