6.24am – “Neh neh, neh neh. Da! Da!” *with her eyes closed and slept right after that… and I thought that she’s up for a feed. WTH. Still want to hit people while she’s dreaming… -.-”’

8.49am – The lil’ hub left the house keys at home, and his mum had left for work. Ah… bad start…

9.00am – When it’s your problem, you leave it to your problem. Do not vent your anger on the innocent. Furthermore on those WHO are trying to HELP. What’s wrong with all these people?

9.49am – Half my salary’s gone. I can’t imagine when little milkie starts going to childcare. Sometimes I really wonder if I should send her to a childcare… at least another $700 gone. Ouch. The parents nowadays are really earning for their kids…

10.32am – Hours gone and I’m still not done with my things, not even half.

11.59am – I’m naughty. Stomach’s not feeling too good after 2 consecutive days of stingrays and I’m still having chicken cutlet for my lunch now. Naughty old little girl! *LOL*


1.36pm – I think it’s time to start work. Sigh…

2.53pm – After an hour, I’m still sorting out what needs to be completed for the whole of this month. It just seems… endless… if only… I have 48 hours a day… then I can (try) and do more things. *LOL* But actually, it should be quite useless because unless your body is able to sleep only 8 hours for that 48 hours, else, it’s the same actually. *YAWN*

3.33pm – Finally done. Let’s take a short break. Ah… life’s so boring without the admin around. I wonder how it would be like if she left this company…

4.27pm – Was looking at the list of courses to take… ah… might be better to just save the money and try it out on my own first, isn’t it?

4.32pm – Should I continue my Korean language every Friday? Hmm… as much as I’m interested to learn, I don’t really have the time to study for it. And I fare so badly during my last spelling test. Now, I had to even deliberately take a day’s off just so I can study for the test this coming Friday, which I can’t possibly study at home with the little one at home. Urgh.

5.02pm – Lil’ hub’s coming to fetch me! Yippee! Hmm… envy him… never mind, 888 more days to go!

11.51pm – Plans all messed up when the┬ábaby simply refuses to sleep. Now what? It’s already almost midnight… One day gone just like that and I haven’t seem to reduce any of the items in my list… Urgh.

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