Food – Teppanyaki @ NEX Foodcourt


Woohoo! It’s teppanyaki time! Been wanting to try this one out since God knows when. And my colleague’s in a really good mood to drive us down for lunch!

I’m currently at the Level 4 foodcourt in NEX, at Serangoon. The teppanyaki stall is just located on the right hand side of it. It’s not really very big. Probably can just accommodate around 30-40 people.

The pricing was still alright. I took the fish fillet set, and it cost be around $11.50. Of course, I can’t compare to 15 years ago where it probably cost only $6.90 (missing those times). Anyway, there are quite a range of varieties to choose from too.

The taste was okay though my colleague commented that the branch at Tampines is far better. Why? Because they never turn on the fire or heat at every seats! So basically it’s teppanyaki food and that’s about it. It’s not hot after a while, not even warm. That’s the negative, negative part which I’m not sure if they always does that. If it is, then indeed is a big minus point.

Well, I still got what I wanted so am not missing out any part. *Happy*

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