7.54am – As I walk towards the bus stop, the thought of the lil’ hub embarking on his new journey came into my mind. It’s just the second day but I can feel that happiness from within him. That, enforces my idea of supporting him. How nice, isn’t it, to be doing something that you probably like… and so freely. Well, other than the fact that I seem to be the sole breadwinner for the time being.

Anyway, I took a peek at myself and alas, what have I been doing? Why am I still standing on the same spot?

Ah… The baby. No, I’m not blaming little milkie. She’s my responsibility and she will always be. And that is something which I need to learn to incorporate her life into mine and work something out for myself. But had I expected all of these? Honestly, not to such degrees.

I never expected that I had to stay in a relatively sucky job because the lil’ hub is trying out new things and I wanted my work place to be near home so that I can reach home faster to see my baby. I never expected that at least half of my salary will go into the section called “children’s well being and education”. I never expected that my schedule will have to go around hers instead of hers into mine. I never expected that the lil’ hub can’t handle that much of a baby. And then the list goes on.

Wow, yes, and all these are just group under the term called “responsibility” *LOL* What makes it sad is the fact that my mum still continues to blame me (on and off) for not taking care of little milkie enough. Her expectation of me is to basically take over everything from her once I reached back home from work, and no movies, outings, courses and blah. But yet when I told her that I’m going to send little milkie to childcare (so that she has more time for herself), she has a total conflicting idea. And then there’s the constant breathing (or psycho-ing as what I would call) of asking me to just have one kid instead of two. Sigh… life… and it’s Tuesday.

11.12am – The brain is failing… Just realized that I left a relatively confidential letter in the restroom… and I couldn’t find it now. WHO THE HELL TOOK IT?!! There’s the logo of the company, and there’s the name there… URGH.

1.41pm – Back from a cooling Tuesday lunch. Is it time to work? Nope! Let’s rest for a little while more.

4.07pm – Almost slipped when a lady suddenly opened the door from the inside, while I’m pushing the door open from the outside. Luckily I managed to balance myself… *PHEW*

5.07pm – YEAH! My sis and cousin is back! Must go back on time today. Shall go take a cab *excuses* WAHAHAHAHA…

7.28pm – Really? Boiling sea water off the coast near Fukushima due to the leakage?!! OH MY GOD!! I seriously wonder what’s going to happen to the next generation… Should I really stop at one then?

11.52pm – When the little rascal isĀ asleep, it’s then time to appreciate my presents from my sis and all! A little cake pop book and a Thomas Sabo charm with the shape of the Sydney Opera House! Just what I needed, a charm symbolising arts, a year where I bring out the arty me!


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