Oh my! Luckily we managed to finish our lunch within half an hour so that we can catch the other movie. Lunch today is at Breeks, located on the 3rd floor of City Square Mall.

There weren’t a lot of people during that slightly past lunch time hour. In fact, there’s only 2 person inside excluding the waitresses. It took us a while to decide if we really want to give it a try. But as there’s this 1-for-1 promotion during lunch time on weekday, we decided to just gamble it (plus we are lazy to search for other food).

There’s only 5 selections for the lunch offers and so I chose the Creole-styled Seabass while the lil’ hub selected the Grilled Beef Sirloin Steak on Hotplate. And what’s more, this offer comes with a soup of the day.


Anyway, the food came shortly and I would say the fish tasted really fresh. Other than the fact that there’s 3 bones inside, which I found it weird (normally for fillets, there won’t be any bones), it tasted nice. Not splendid but nice. Would be better if there’s some mash potatoes or tastier salads. *LOL*

Well, it was alright.

But the location seems a bit off. City square mall, with the Farrer Park station just beside. Other than this building, there’s nothing much around. And unless you are staying quite near, I doubt you will come here just for this food, when there’s other branches that seems more accessible.

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