Movie – Kick Ass 2

I should have been studying for my Friday’s Korean test now. But a sudden click on one advertisement email had led to a discovery of a $0 and a $0.60 movie tickets due to some special promotions for GV members. And so here am I (with the lil’ hub) on a movie marathon! First on Kick Ass 2, and the other, The Internship!

So let’s kick some asses now!


Okay, let’s see. If you’ve watched Part 1, you would know that this movie is about this loser guy who called himself the “Kick Ass” (David starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson), and then half way got to meet this girl who was trained by her dad and is known as the “Hit Girl” (Mindy starring ChloĆ« Grace Moretz).

This is a sequel to it, and basically things continued as per normal with both of them “saving” the world. But half way through it, Mindy promised her guardian to stop being a Hit Girl, and thus Kick Ass went to form his own group. At the same time, Chris (previously known as Red Mist) decided to become a villain and named himself “The Motherfucker”, and to take revenge on Kick Ass. And so, he started to recruit his own gang…

The movie was quite nice. It’s funny but it’s damn bloody. Really bloody. Not suitable for children, if you were to ask me. Imagine seeing hands and heads cut off. Eyes being poked. Blood spurting around. And vulgarities flying out of the actors/actresses mouth. How healthy can this be?

Well, of course if you don’t mind all these gruesome scenes, I guess it’s quite alright. 3.5 out of 5 for me. That’s the max.

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