Thoughts – Blinded Tolerance

I thought through on the things that I’d just heard from my friend. Would I do the same thing? I doubt so. I’d been through before. No. Consider again? No, the crack is there and it won’t be healed. So, no.

People makes mistake. Yes, they do, everyone does. But when it’s to the extent where one doesn’t think that they are in the wrong, then something is wrong. And it’s even more wrong, or more of weird, when you allow them to. Are you… blinded by love?

This friend of mine, B, just told us (a group of other friends) after a list of other reasons on why she finally broken up with him. And all of us were in shock. What the hell was she thinking?

Apparently, her ex-boyfriend, C, had some physical contact with another girl, D. B brought it up to C and he admitted that it’s just physical, no emotions attached. But as C never likes to argue and probably just kept quiet after that even if he’s being bombarded, with B, thinking that C would change after they got married, B simple just took the hit and swallowed it.

But things never changed much after that conversation. C just continued to contact D (with or without physical contact – ain’t sure about that but it doesn’t really matter). And when finally it’s time to discuss about marriage, B then asked C a question: “How long do you need to settle things with her?” which C still can answer – 6 months to a year. She gave up.

Cool but wait. Let’s rewind back a little. In the first place, how could you tolerate ya partner with another person?? AND continues to let him contact the other party?? THIS, is the one thing that left all of us, bewildered.

Not knowing the truth is one thing. If you are not the “main” one and can accept it, I can understand. But if you are supposed to be the one that he’s going to marry, and yet you can tolerate him being with another person before you get married, well, I can only say you are blinded, and that you should try and step outside for a while and see from the holistic view.

I’m glad she finally stepped out before the damage is higher.

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