8.47am – The raindrops hit heavily on the window panels. Is it angry today? Somehow, the mood today doesn’t seem right… I wonder what will I encounter for the rest of the day… Hmm… start of a new month…

9.22am – Just had a heavy discussion with my admin. The future of humanity looks bleak. And at this rate, the impact will be sudden and great. I wonder if I should really choose to just have one instead of two… am I thinking too much?

9.40am – Yet another shocking news after I read an article which a friend sent to me. Sad. Is money of such importance till you want to earn from the sick? Sometimes I felt that, we (generally those people who ain’t in the upper class) are just a bunch of pawns.

10.56am – I’m really wondering why are all those people sending such requests to me when it’s supposed to be their job? Who do they take me for? Admin? Really?

11.24am – Early this morning, I tried to recall on my “luck” for this month and vividly, I remembered some notes on asking me to beware of backstabbing and envy from colleagues. I was still telling the lil’ hub and sis about me losing that important letter on the way to work just now, and that whoever that picked it up but never returned, might be doing something (who knows). But anyway, guess what I knew now? Apparently, the Rising Star had been secretly asking his subordinate to touch on my area. For what? It’s very obvious that he wants to have the last say, “Why is it that we can do it and you all can’t? Are you all doing your work?”.

I never like people to do things behind my back. I mean, who would like it? If you want to touch on my area, fine, go ahead. If you think you can do a better job (which I’m sure you guys are since you all are technically stronger than me), fine, go ahead. But it would be nice to let me know ahead that you guys are doing it so that we won’t be doing double work. It’s a complete waste of time and resources.

1.33pm – Oh my… I’ve got an evil colleague beside me who kept tempting me to buy things… -.-”’ Hear no evil… Hear no evil…

2.04pm – Flash floods everywhere when the rain wasn’t that heavy. I seriously wonder how long more can this little island withstand, with all those infrastructures going on around. Maybe I should start doing up a little book on “Guide on ‘How to do x'”. We have too many things now, within our reach and people forgotten how life used to be – a.k.a. the basics. Humanity…

2.57pm – Met the Empress on the way to the restroom and she commented that I got the basic qualities to do audit, i.e. dare to voice out. Hmm… I wonder if it’s due to all those shoot-back emails that I sent. Hmm… anyway, whatever.

3.32pm – WOW! Did you see that?!! The floods are getting from bad to WORSE! No picture no talk? Let me post one here which I saw from somewhere.


6.46pm – Going home… that’s all for today. Darn. It’s almost 7pm already…

10.54pm – Okay, time to make her sleep…

11.03pm – Check. Eyes still wide open.

11.10pm – Check. She’s still flipping around. Let’s wait a while longer.

11.19pm – Check. Sh*t. She caught me looking at her. Quick, quick. Act sleeping.

11.25pm – Check. She’s asleep! Time to buck up! *LOL*

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