Ramblings #0679

12.27am – Okay, so I might be wrong with the backstabbing portion but then, it states that I’ll work harder than ever for this month. And the best thing is, my efforts will be compensated!. SO GANBATTE AND PERSEVERE! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Now, let’s go and sleep. The eye bags are coming out again. Goodnight, sleep tight, do not let the bed bugs bite! *hugs*

7.27am – The dryness in the throat was barely bearable as I groped for the water bottle in my bag. The pain had increased, an indication of worsening of condition. Great. It’s a cool and wet Friday morning. Time to wake up and start the day. Bonjour.

8.05am – I quickened my pace, trying to catch the green man. There were 4 people standing at the junction, already waiting – a teenager with his earphones on and starring into the air, a man in his 50’s who looked as if he’s not awake yet, a lady looking intently at her handphone and a young man standing extremely far away from the rest. The red light came up and I was about to dash when I realized that the green man never came… Another lady then reached just before me and hit on the button, apparently looking a little pissed.

Great. I’d just witness 3 idiots who probably assumed that the button had already been pressed and don’t bother to check, and 1 idiot who never pressed the button when he/she reached. Thanks to such people, that’s why Earth is getting from bad to worse. People don’t care. They live in their own world. They care for themselves. They assume that the others will do the job.

11.20am – Okay! Done with one big part, thanks to the help of a fellow colleague. See, not all are bad. I’m not really racist. But there are always the black sheep around that cause others to stereotype. Am not feeling exactly well but somehow it doesn’t seem very nice with the whole team not in the office – boss’s on leave, one’s on reservist and my admin isn’t feeling well too, coincidentally, and she’s going to visit a doctor later on. So I guess I’ll just hang on till 5.30pm and dash off after that. For now, let’s just PRESS ON!

11.55am – I’m all by myself now… hmm… oh well… let’s TUCK IN!

2.45pm – The weekly meeting notification just popped up. Right. Who am I to meet, when I’m alone. *LOL* Damn, I think I’m really not feeling too well.


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