Ramblings #0682

10.04am – Yucks! I think I’m going to throw away the cushion that I use in the office. Either that or I’m dumping inside the washing machine to let it go for a spin. Just saw a milo stain on it. Must have stained it last week. Didn’t notice it previously.

A very good morning to all. Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend because today is Monday and you are back to work! *LOL*

I seriously wonder how some people can be so enthusiastic when it comes to work for the kind of job that I’m working now, it’s simply just dragging me down. And especially when I’ve got a nice lady who prefers all her subordinates to have a clean, empty and boring desks at work. I’m not saying that my desk is what she’s expecting, but it could have been better.

Alright, I’m delayed. Time to start working to get that list down. There’s too many pending items. Shoo shoo!!

*Plays: Please don’t stop the music by Rihanna*

12.11pm – Great… and now I have to go to the management meeting, plus my boss will probably get it. I think she never expected that the Empress will actually summoned me in, otherwise, she would have prep me a little on that first. Sigh… -.-”’

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