Thoughts – Quality Time

I sat at a corner, starring at the lil’ hub. Little milkie’s asleep and I’m pissed with her dad. For the whole night, he’s all into his iPad and handphone. Earlier on, SMS-ing his friends and colleagues. And now reading comics on the iPad. Repeatedly ignoring my requests to help. Yes, I do agree and support in him coming out to do his own work but definitely NOT in the sense where me and the baby are BOTH neglected!

Spending time. Yes, you might be spending lots of time with your loved ones, but is it of quality?

You would see that a lot of times, the female will complain that their boyfriend/spouse didn’t spend enough time with them, and then he will wonder – how is that possible when every moment, I’m with her. Yes, you might be with her, but what are you doing?

A long time ago, this scenario happened to me too. I was basically with my lil’ hub (boyfriend then) for most of the day and yet I still complained that he wasn’t accompanying me. Why? Because for the whole of the day that I’m at his house beside him, he’s facing the computer and NOT me. Yes, a lot of time spent, but none is of quality at all.

Sounds familiar?

It’s the same as the scenario now. He coming back to the house but yet not playing with little milkie most of the time, nor talking to me. So, what’s the point of coming in a way? Yes, I see you, but otherwise, that’s about it.

Hey, there is a difference. A BIG one. It would be a lot more effective to spend 2 quality hours a day together than 10 hours of non-quality time together. Imagine you in your room, and your family in the other room. Other than your presence, is there any other things? No. No love, no communication, no bonding. You are as good as just a tenant in the house.

And again, I supported you in doing your own business doesn’t mean I supported you in neglecting your family. You need to learn how to balance your time even more, now that you have to handle everything on your own. Just once, I’m bringing this up to you. If you missed the window for little milkie’s growing and learning period, you won’t get to see it anymore.

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