Ramblings #0684

9.04am – Goody goody! It’s Friday already with a twitch of an eye! Ohayou gozaimasu! Ogenki desu ka? Once again, there’s still that many things on my plate but fear not! I’ve got lots of motivation in me today! GANBATTE! GANBATTE!

10.00am – *DONG DONG!!* Stop doing my own work! *LOL* Just re-read some of the posts that I wrote like 10 years ago and WOW… how much I’d changed. Even the writing somewhat seems different. But I guess it’s all these things (big or small) that shapes the person I am today, and no matter is it good or bad, I thank (most) God that it happened so that I learned (maybe through the hard way). Anyhow, let’s get things going!

11.22am – It’s weird how sometimes, some words or songs that you listened, can simply just change your mood or make you cry… anata wa omoi…

2.15pm – Back from lunch and time to work, HARD. 3 hours more to go.

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