Thoughts – Setting the Mind Right

It’s a Sunday and it’s considered still quite early. Everyone is still asleep and yet you have to go to work. You’ve never done this previously. In fact, you are the one who is always criticizing such people. Sitting there in a corner, and approaching the passerbys where hardly any of them is interested. But now, you are one of them. And you find this whole thing a waste of time.

Now, it’s totally wrong.

The brain of yours is a very powerful thing. From my point of view, it’s so powerful till the scientists still didn’t know how much human’s mind can be stretched. I’m not trying to tell you that you can have super natural power. But at the very least, on the basic level, set your mind right.

It’s a very logical thing. Your body somewhat functions according to what your brain tells it to. Sending signals to every part of the body. So imagine if your brain were to tell them that it’s a waste of time doing such work, would it react in a positive way? No.

If you kept thinking that you are not going to be able to sell anything, you are not going to sell anything. If you kept thinking that you will lose in a competition, you will definitely lose. If you think that you ain’t going to lose weight, you will sure remain the way you are.

See, the first step towards achieving a goal or anything, is to believe that you can do it (that’s called Confidence but do not be OVER-confidence). Of course, it must be something realistic.¬†Followed by the action. Change must be accompanied by Action. So if the first step doesn’t happen, the likelihood of you achieving it will dropped a lot. Furthermore, it’s not going to make you a happy person.

Change your mind set. Endure. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up. You’ll get there.

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