1.35am – Sleeping at such hours seem to be the trend these days as I first struggled to keep awake with the little one not wanting to sleep. Then I struggled to keep awake so as to finish my own task. And now I struggled to keep awake to help the lil’ hub. Lets hope it all ends here. I’m getting so tired with such consecutive late nights activities. Zzz… But at least, the room’s relatively neat, clean and tidy now. Even the lil’ hub noticed it. That’s how big the difference is.

8.08am – I lay asleep beside little milkie. The sun is up and it’s almost time to wake up. But then suddenly, the whole building seems to be tilting a little. And there’s the creaking sounds. What’s happening? Should I grab all of them and go now before it’s too late! I opened my eyes and AH! Was that just a dream? Damn. Did I switch off both my alarm clock just now? Which means… Ah!!!!!!!

8.34am – *Starring at little milkie* Shiok huh… The only time where we can wake up late, you slept late and woke up early. And when we needs to go work on weekends, you woke up late… -.-”’

8.45am – Yeah! I’m finally using my new Agnes B. bag! A present from the sis. So nice! Good morning!


8.56am – A nice greeting from the missed one to start a boring Monday. Cool…

9.37am – Friends discussing on changing of jobs and increasing of salary again. Am I dumb for not changing this job just because it’s so near to my house? But I was the one who decided to call it quits and have a relaxing job… Hmm…

1.46pm – The water level doesn’t seem very healthy today…

3.19pm – Time passes really so fast when you are working. 2 hours left.

5.52pm – 6%… it’s running way too slow.

6.01pm – ARGH! Why got mistake? Darn. Seems like I can’t finished it today, so… let’s just call it a day. Sigh…

6.28pm – As much as I’m a little irritated now because I seemed to be sandwiched, which I think I really am when the lady beside me who sat down is huge, I do pity them too. She did sit down slowly, unlike some who just bang down and you will almost fly up. Nonetheless, it doesn’t feel comfortable with the side of your butt touching another person’s, and it feels warm. While the other side is the opposite sex. Sigh… I think I’ll just stand, since I’m just a few bus stops away…

8.30pm – Going IKEA to grab a small coffee table for little milkie as her table! Hmm… am seriously thinking of organizing a playdate. *LOL*

8.51pm – Oh crap! Why did I forget to bring diapers?!!!!

9.03pm – I’m so glad that IKEA is so BABY FRIENDLY! They actually sell Drypers diaper for 50 cents per piece!! Am so happy and thankful for it!!

9.12pm – CRAP! Why did I not bring extra clothing too!! *Starring at little milkie with her bottom wet romper…* O.O”’

10.43pm – Time to go home! A table and two photo frames. Not bad, not bad.

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