Ramblings #0687

8.02am – These are times when you are so glad that she can understand simple instructions. Went toilet to wash up, leaving little milkie alone in the room with the door closed (not fully). Heard her calling for me and went over to only found out that she’s sitting and blocking the door. Luckily when I told her to go onto the mattress beside, she did. Good job, little milkie! Muak! You are mummy’s little darling! ^^

8.15am – What would you do if a 4mm ant lost its balance while on your hand, and fell into your bag? O.O|||

8.25am – Seems like I don’t really need to reach office early after all. Boss just text and said her knee was swollen and painful (again). I wonder what’s the problem. It’s not the first time. Hope she’s alright.

11.09am – The aura doesn’t seem right at all today. The admin’s angry. The mother of three doesn’t look that happy. And something seems to be bothering me…

12.25pm – Sometimes, in fact, it’s better to just leave me as it is. Feeling extremely stress now, with all the blood rushing to the head. Of course, with the big boss wanting something urgently at the very last minute, and the lil’ hub waiting for me at the lobby for lunch, how can I not be stressed?!

2.00pm – All ends well. Not too bad. The blood pressure is back to normal. Shall look forward to my massage tonight!

2.50pm – Wow… fancy quitting right after your maternity leave ended… that’s so… Sigh. I’m so disappointed in you. You are the reason why some employers don’t like to employ women who just got married and intend to have babies. Thank you so much for contributing.

4.12pm – AH!! I can’t think with all these disruptions!

5.30pm – The processes run way too slowly… 13%…

5.33pm – Tick tock… 20%… tick tock… still 20%… tick tock tick tock… finally 21%…

5.46pm – 58%!!!!! Crap. This is too long… URGH.

6.31pm – It’s so nice to see your own baby growing up and talking to you on the phone, and telling you that they love you. ^^ *Happy*

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