Ramblings #0690

2.10am – You probably am thinking – “What’s this crazy b*tch doing at such hours, working on a st*pid report!” Right, that’s me. Well, let’s just say I’m so responsible. *LOL* Nah… I just couldn’t take it down that I still couldn’t complete the report especially when it’s already been days. You know what, I spent days trying to use a difficult and supposedly a short-cut formula in excel, to only ended up using the basic because it’s still so much more efficient. Yet another lesson that I learned about life – make it simple.

Bon nuit. ^^

6.09am – Great. I’ve got this little kid who kept taking off her socks, passed it to me, and asked me to wear it back for her, repeatedly… -.-”’

7.20am – I’m awake! How nice can that be? THANK God it’s already Friday. I’m almost fainting.

9.51am – Right. Finished a nice chat with D and now it’s time to hit back on work! But first of all, let’s clear some email. It’s been accumulating for the past few days while I’m struggling to do the st*pid report. Hmm… meanwhile… what and where should I go for my lunch later on? Seems like both my lunch kakis won’t be around.

10.39am – It does feels a little weird to be able to… relax for a while. But I’m definitely enjoying it! Shall go walk around now. Sitting too long will become fat! *LOL*

11.46am – WOOHOO! I got 1 F1 ticket for this coming Saturday Qualifying from a lucky draw! But hmm… there’s only 1 ticket… so… should I go alone or? O.o?

12.37pm – I really… seriously… enjoy such peaceful and relaxing time…

1.35pm – Okay. Posted on eBay. Now, let’s see if I’ll have to go tomorrow…

3.58pm – Is that the end of my RC life? Well, it had been a fun year and I do enjoy it most of the time but no way am I going to join it for another year. I’ve got lots of things on my plate already. Let’s give others a chance to SHINE and contribute!

4.41pm – The eyes can hardly open… and I still need to go down to Raffles Place. Bleh.

4.43pm – Hmm.. indeed… maybe I should go and by TOTO or 4D since I manage to get the F1 ticket, which probably means my luck is going up!

6.45pm – Time’s up! Gee… Sometimes I really wonder if I’m being too frendly and helpful. Though already expected that such scenario might happen and I’m the one volunteering with absolutely no benefits at all, I’m still a little unhappy especially with myself. After all, it’s a Friday, I’m hungry, and would like to go back quickly to see my baby. Maybe I shouldn’t have suggested it in the first place. 2 minutes had passed and I’m still waiting. And the supposedly original meet-up time was 6.30pm! Thats a total of 17 minutes delayed! I wonder if that person’s lost…

6.50pm – And now there’s 2 b*tches who got no other place to stand except right in front of me. And one is b*tching with a guy… Faker. Can hear it from her voice. The kind who is average looking but yet act very pretty. Gross. Totally grossed out. *walks to another corner*

6.57pm – Great. He’s finally here with $1 short! And now I spent almost 30 minutes of my time and still need to fork out $1. Crap. Whatever, let’s just go home quick. The journey is long…

8.03pm – Finally home… Sigh…

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